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Service Promise

TotCraZe Products

Prices are generally standard, although may vary with your exact wants and needs.

Quilt/Crib Bumper

Quilt/Bumper sets start at $80 (this is the standard price)
Quilt and Bumpers separate are $40 each.

Diaper Holder $40
Crib Skirts $40
Lamp w/shade $25
Curtain Price varies with window size
Child's chair $90
Nursing donut $30
Laundry Bag $20

All creations are handmade, original, and 100% cotton unless otherwise specified.

TotCraZe also carries a line of Medussa Products.

These are wonderful little treasures made from fleece.

Fleece hats $9
Fleece hats w/matching $30
bag and blanket

This product comes in any design/color and I guarantee that you will not find another product that is more cozy and loved.

I stand behind my products and am sure you will be thrilled with the final product. Any suggestions for other items are welcome.

If outside the Portland, Oregon area, shipping prices will depend on quantity.